Cheryl Guttman Krader
Sustained drug-delivery technologies shape promising future
Development of technologies for sustained drug delivery is a topic of great interest among retina specialists considering the number of chronic conditions that are managed with repeated intravitreal injections.
Targeted treatments for atopic dermatitis
Emerging treatments are expected to help fill the need for safer and more effective therapies for atopic dermatitis (AD). Both systemic and topical treatments are needed to provide full and complete treatment for patients with AD. Targeting the specific axis or axes that control AD may contribute to developing personalized approaches to treatment
Heads-up vitreoretinal surgery system debuts
A digitally assisted vitreoretinal surgery system offers enhanced visualization for surgeons and observers, better ergonomics for greater surgeon comfort, and may improve patient safety by allowing use of lower endoillumination levels.
Fluid-filled accommodating IOL maintains benefits after 2 years
Implantation of a silicone oil-filled accommodating IOL (FluidVision, PowerVision) provides 3 to 4 D of accommodation along with excellent distance, intermediate, and near vision—all of which remain stable during follow-up to 2 years, said Louis D. Nichamin, MD.
Personalized model learns patients’ glaucoma-progression dynamics
A novel glaucoma monitoring system is being developed to guide providers in establishing personalized monitoring schedules that would help them avoid missing significant progression in glaucoma suspects or patients with open-angle glaucoma, said Joshua D. Stein, MD, MS.
OASIS study shows positive results for ocriplasmin injection
Analyses of data from the OASIS study confirm the efficacy of intravitreal ocriplasmin for the treatment of symptomatic vitreomacular traction/vitreomacular adhesion (VMT/VMA) and the importance of proper patient selection, said Peter K. Kaiser, MD.
Novel imaging technology provides real-time volumetric visualization
Swept-source, microscope-integrated, ocular coherence tomography (SS-MIOCT) is a new investigational technology for real-time intraoperative imaging of the cornea and anterior segment, said Terry Kim, MD.
Corneal inlays still altering landscape of presbyopia
The prospect of an expanding armamentarium of corneal inlays for presbyopia correction is an exciting development, said Jay A. Pepose, MD, PhD.
DRCRnet Protocol S results provide evidence for retinopathy advance
Results from the Diabetic Retinopathy Clinical Research Network Protocol S provide evidence for the first major advance in the treatment of proliferative diabetic retinopathy (PDR) in more than 40 years, said Jeffrey Gross, MD.
Intravitreal sirolimus shows promise for noninfectious posterior segment uveitis
SAKURA is a 24-month phase III study investigating the efficacy and safety of intravitreal sirolimus for treatment of noninfectious posterior segment uveitis. Data were reported from the primary endpoint visit at 5 months.
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